Choosing the Best Destinations in Your Indian Tours

It would be fair if a hard fact was stated before the beginning of everything. India is the seventh-largest country in the world with a population going up to a billion people speaking more than 200 different languages. Unless, therefore, you are prepared to pitch camp in the country for a considerably long period, there is hardly any possibility of achieving success in visiting all the splendid attractions that are always enticingly waiting for a new traveller. You may still achieve it if you involve yourself in a series of India Tours over a period of several years. Apart from New Delhi, the capital, there are several places that should make your list on your maiden visit.

The TajMahalYou’ll catch your breath at the sheer immensity of the mausoleum made of white marble located in Uttar Pradesh. The realization that it was built centuries ago serves to increase its magical dominance. A show of the great power of Mughal architecture, it was constructed after an order by Emperor Shah Jahan as a big way of remembering one of his wives, MumtazMahal. It stands together with other awe-inspiring building masterpieces, reflecting pools and some of the world’s most beautiful gardens complete with bushes and flowering trees.

The Kerala Backwaters

While you can never have enough of Indian historic architecture, a bit of water life will serve to jolt your mind and body back to the present. The Kerala backwaters are made up of several lagoons and lakes located in the Kerala state. They offer a range of aquatic life including numerous species of water birds, frogs, mudskippers, turtles, otters and crabs. In addition, you’ll have a chance to feel the thrill of getting into some of the houseboats floating on the waterways.

The Palolem

Located in the southern part of Goa, the Palolem is one of the most beautiful and welcoming beaches in India. It is naturally a bay with high headlands on both sides which results to a complete calmness and peace. You can also always indulge in some nightlife, meet interesting people and learn a thing or two about their way of living.

Kanha National Park

No tour is complete without experiencing a bit of wildlife and Indian Tours shouldn’t be any different. You can, therefore not afford to leave without making an acquaintance with among other wild animals, one or two of the tigers residing in Kanha National Park. Moreover, you will feel at home with the flourishing grassy meadows and bamboo forests as well as the scenic ravines.


You cannot have enough of India and you can be sure of an urge for a second time, a third and more. There will always be the need to visit more islands, historical sites, beaches, forts and wildlife parks. Further, you have a chance to visit some of the world famous temples in one of your India Tours.

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